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Fergus Affiliates Companion Websites -   ElderStore® offers products for seniors and those with the disabilities of aging such as Arthritis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, incontinence, stroke, heart disease, etc.   We specialize in products that offer increased independence and dignity for the elderly. - Our wonderful selection of urological items and products for men and women on its own site!  Many people in need of these products aren't elderly.  We have developed this site in deference to those who aren't seniors. -  Carts have always been and remain some of our best selling items on ElderStore.  Again, for those who feel reluctant to purchase carts from ElderStore because they are not elderly, we are developing this site.  In addition to the folding shopping carts, we will be adding many other types of carts to this site. - Again, similar products as ElderStore but with the boomer generation in mind. -  As we grow and expand, the domain of our very first ElderStore - will house products specifically for commercial, institutional and educational organizations.  Items will be priced for the best quantity purchasing we can offer.  These products will of course be centered on dignity and independence.


The Bariatric Store - Coming Soon - A store specifically for the generously sized!  Continuing with our purpose to provide products that provide dignity and independence, the Bariatric Store will focus on products that will improve day to day quality of life.




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