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Climb N' Balance
Climb N' Balance
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Climb N' Balance

SKU: KE58702

Climb and Balance toy enhances balance

What better toy to have in your house, or classroom, then a toy that provides children with playtime that enhances balance, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination!

The front, back and sides provide surfaces that are ideal for years of play, stimulation and exercise. Whether the child is just learning how to use their arms and legs to manipulate themselves, or refining their gross motor skills the Climb N' Balance provides everything they need!

The Climb N' Balance comes as two quarter circle pieces that can be used individually for physical coordination in play, or can be easily attached together to form a semi-circle for even more fun and play.

Included with the two quarter circle pieces are plastic sheaths to attach to the ends to prevent slippage. Also included, are secure connecting plates for use to create a semi-circle (full circle if used with 2 Climb N' Balance sets). Each piece is 34" long and 16 1/2" wide.

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