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Pari Respiratory Infant Nebulizer Set

The Pari Respiratory Infant Nebulizer Set is designed specifically for infants and babies 12 months of age and younger.

Provides the most efficient aerosol delivery with a practical application by the parent or caretaker. This nebulizer is the only mask designed for use in the delivery of Pulmicort Respules®, but works equally effectively for all nebulizer solutions.

Rotatable elbow piece allows for multiple delivery positions; treatments can be given lying down, sitting in lap or stroller, or while standing.

Features a comfortable, reusable, soft clear silicone mask which delivers the treatments with minimal leakage. No respiratory effort required from user. Reusable nebulizer lasts 6 months. Dishwasher safe. Boil safe.

Includes: Pari LC Plus® nebulizer, Rotatable Elbow Adapter, Silicone Mask, Tubing and Usage Instructions. 6 month warranty.
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