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SEAT2GO Positioning Seat
SEAT2GO Positioning Seat
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SEAT2GO Positioning Seat


Drive's Seat2Go Positioning aid for children

The Seat2Go Positioning Seat is a lightweight, soft padded seat designed for children with neurological impairments, Cerebral Palsy, physical disabilities or spinal cord injury and need support when sitting. Use it at home, in school, when dinning out and when traveling.

Contoured seat helps maintain sitting in upright position

The contoured seat with a 95° seat to back angle, prevents children from sliding forward and the high back helps maintain sitting in an upright position which improves seating posture. It features a double strap trunk support and belt to comfortably secure the child in place and the attached fastening straps are used to fasten the seat to a chair or wheelchair.

Seat2Go can be used as an insert in your child's stroller

The Seat2Go Positioning Seat can also be used as an insert for a stroller; making a walk through the park or shopping mall enjoyable for everyone.


  o   Contoured seat prevents child from sliding forward
       and improves posture 

  o   95° seat to back angle

  o  Two sets of straps secure Seat2Go to any chair

  o  Straps can be stored in pockets when not in use

  o  Double strap trunk support & belt

  o  Can be used as an insert for a single or double stroller

  o  One Year Limited Warranty

The seat is available in two sizes; Small and Medium. See size Dimensions below:

DR2000CRS 8" 9" 12" 50 lbs.
DR3000CRS 12" 12" 14" 75 lbs.

Optional Height Adjustable Headrest and Depth Adjustable Abductor

The Seat2Go Positioning Seat's optional accessories, a Headrest and an Abductor, provides additional comfort and support .

The Headrest is an easy add-on unit that laterally stabilizes the head and maintains it in midline. The height adjustable Headrest can be raised or lowered as needed.

The Abductor is designed to support the legs of a child with spinal cord injury, neurological or severe physical disabilities while seated on a chair or wheelchair. It's depth adjustable and easy to install. They are sold separately and fit either size of positioning seat.

Search our website for additional products and adaptive equipment designed especially for children with developmental disabilities, physical impairments, Cerebral Palsy, Neurological impairments, Epilepsy, Learning Disabilities, Autism and other functional limitations!


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