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Dignity Plus Disposable Youth Fitted Briefs

SKU: HI30081

Absorbency Rating:  Heavy to Full Protection

A premium full (fluff) brief for complete protection and a secure fit.  This incontinence brief is used when full bladder and bowel containment is needed. 

The brief is "zoned" for ultra protection where your child needs it most.  The elastic gathers enables the tape tabs to fit snugly to give the security of a good fit.  These incontinence briefs have a wetness indicator that allows you to know when a change is needed without disturbing the tape tabs, thereby reducing waste and cost.


  • A higher capacity brief with zoned superabsorbent area for dryness and odor control
  • Blue acquisition layer keeps wetness away from the skin
  • Tape tabs and the elastic side gathers ensure a secure and comfortable fit
  • Features a printed wetness indicator.  The wetness indicator disappears when a change is needed





15-22" waist

20-31” waist

 Per Bag

12 briefs

12 briefs

 Per Case

96 briefs
(8 Bags)

96 briefs
(8 Bags)

The Dignity Plus briefs will hold up to 32 oz of liquid.

Larger sizes are available at our companion site - click here



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