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Youth Weighted Utensils
Youth Weighted Utensils
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Youth Weighted Utensils

SKU: KE11201

Weighted Cutlery for Children

Weight has been added to these adaptive utensils to assist in stabilizing hand tremors and allowing your child to feed him/herself. 

The plastic vinyl handles are shaped to fit your child's fingers.  The handle is 7/8" in diameter and is 3 1/4" long.  The fork tines and spoon bowls are stainless steel (of course!)

The weighted utensils are available in either straight or angled versions.  The left or right angled uttensils are shaped to turn in toward the center of the body.

Each utensil weighs approximately 4 ounces.

Available Utensils:

  • Knife - straight only
  • Fork - straight, right or left angled
  • Teaspoon - straight, right or left angled
  • Soup Spoon - straight, right or left angled
  • Youth Spoon - straight, right or left angled.  This spoon has a smaller bowl than the teaspoon.

Dishwasher safe!


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RIGHT ANGLE - for right handed users

LEFT ANGLE - for left handed users


Your Price 9.95 per piece

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