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Cerebral Palsy

All Night Disposable Briefs are specifically designed to allow for an uninterrupted night's sleep without compromising skin safety. The patented "peach mat construction" guarantees dryness, odor control, and neutralizatio

The Posterior Safety Roller is designed for children requiring "That Extra Support" to freely move around.

The Tub Stand raises the Otter Bath Chair's height to a convenient height for easier transfer to and from the bath tub.

The width on this lightweight, aluminum Bariatric Safety Roller will adjust from 22.5" to 27.5", making it more comfortable and roomier.

Allows a child with Neurological Impairments, Orthopedic and Developmental Disorders to walk independently by supporting the child from behind, promoting an upright posture and trunk extension.

The Nimbo Pelvic Stabilizer helps children with an asymmetrical posture while standing or walking stay centered when using the Nimbo Posterior Safety Rollers.

Our Pediatric Safety Rollers offer children with Cerebral Palsy and other Neurological Impairments a safe and easy way to independent mobility.

Makes grasping the Posterior Safety Roller's handlebars easier.

The Pelvic Stabilizer for Posterior Safety Rollers is recommended for users with an asymmetrical posture when walking or standing.

Mounts on the Posterior Safety Roller's handlebar and easily moves to adjust the handlebar's depth. Use with or without the Pelvic Stabilizer.

The Ankle Support and Seat Harness added to your Posterior Safety Roller will ensure your child maintains control when using their Safety Roller.

Wraps around the user to stabilize the trunk. Supports children with poor trunk control, ataxia, poor balance, spasticity or weakness.