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A Special Needs Tricycle
A Special Needs Tricycle
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A Special Needs Tricycle

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Your special needs child can join in on the fun of bike riding with the Micah Special Needs Tricycle

...designed especially for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) or related physical impairments. Riding this three wheeled bike will increase your child's self confidence and improve their motor skills while the care-giver or parent control the steering in the rear of the bike. This unique feature ensures your child's safety and security when riding the Micah.

The Micah Tricycle is also designed with adjustable seating and frame lengths to accommodate your child as he or she grows. The large seat feature thick padding and an adjustable back support with Velcro seat belts for safety and comfort.


  • - Minimum Inseam 22"
  • - Head/Neck Support
  • - Adjustable Alloy frame that's easy to separate for transporting
  • - 16" x 1.75" aluminum Alloy wheels with stainless spokes and Alloy hubs
  • - Front 32T Sprocket and rear 16T  fixed gear drivetrain
  • - Weighted pedals with straps
  • - Loop Adjustable style handlebar
  • - Parking Brake
  • - Rear Basket
  • - Color: Blue

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